Compost Process as a concept of waste reduction
About 40 - 50 % of all up coming waste are composed of organic, directly degradable substances. The organic waste can be composted in a natural rotting procedure which results into a natural compost.

From waste to raw material
Natural compost is more and more needed as an alternative to peat in the fields of agriculture, forestry and even in urban development.
The choice of the appropriate technique, is decisive to the production of a high quality compost. These technique is offered by
BioManagement and its experienced experts.

BioManagement projects are passing 3 phases 1. Analyses
2. Advice / Development / Planning
3. Realization

These business philosophy leads to organised projects, considering the ecological and economical conditions of the considered location. A purposeful After-Project-Service by Bio-Management guaranties the project - even after the end of the Project - a continuously development in technology and science. Because the service personnel will be supported and trained during the whole project realization by BioManagement, it will be prepared in the optimal way to its later field of work. Furthermore it will be regularly informed about all innovations within the After-Project-Service, also offered by BioManagement.