The demands on owners and administrations of tree population, to safe the population in terms of ecology and to keep the road safty, are increasing. This situation causes supplementary costs, especially, because often there does not exist an actual data of the tree population or only a hand made register. With that hand in hand, goes an increasing expense for maintenance, preservation and administration of the tree populations.

Here, the modem tree maintenance, systematically proceeds by the set-up of an tree management system. Most of existing tree register systems are only for registration of tree’s, but the new generation should be a management tool.
First step in the set-up of an tree management system, is the registration of the tree population and its condition, by qualified personnel.
BioManagement offers:
  • Founding of an tree management system, the weIl founded first assesment and registration of the tree population as weIl as site management of the eventually necessary tree maintenance measures and the tree population administration
  • Continually controlling of the trees during an existing tree management system
  • Training of your personnel staff on the tree management system (directly at the trees)
  • Tree management system MultiKAT